Port Solutions Research: Optimizing the Future of Supply Chain

Following an extended period of strikes and delays that effected the global supply chain, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reached a settlement agreement and resolution inFebruary. Since that time, the work has resumed at a normal rate, and the supple chain has begun to recover from previous delays. However, under the leadership of Gene Seroka and Jon Slangerup, the Ports have determined that they want to find solutions that push business beyond “normal” and into a more honed level of lean excellence.

To this end, Seroka and Slangerup have partnered with the USC Center for Global Supply Chain Management and Saybrook Capital to research “Port Solutions.” The long term research project, which involves at least one major grant, focuses on how individual silos and stakeholders impact the conveyance of containers’ flow and system loss.

Along with Port Solution research, both ports are also placing high priority on Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) initiatives that will help them prepare for the upcoming peak season.  The goal of such SCO work is to generate supply chain management systems that prepare the Ports to manage schedules and utilize field technologies to overcome delays this peak season and in the future.

Several key participants in the Port Solutions project will be speaking at the Center’s upcoming Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit on Friday, September 11.  More information is available here.


We invite your participation and ideas in the Port Solutions panel discussion and other Summit dialogues. Simply find our stream this Friday, September 11 on Twitter with hashtag #uscsummit.

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