Monthly Supply Chain Review: August

China was a driving force behind supply chain news this month. The government’s mid-month decision todevalue the Chinese yuan effected markets across the world..  While the devaluation was designed to boost sales for Chinese exporters, it put pressure on U.S. and other global markets by putting their own goods at a disadvantage on the market. Long term effects are yet to be seen.

Closer to U.S. borders, Cuba is also affected supply chain and raising key questions as the summer ends.The White House aims to loosen travel restrictions, and already airlines and e-retailers such as AirBnB are developing plans to provide services and accommodations to meet anticipated demand.

U.S. roads are crucial infrastructure for supply chain networks. While fuel efficiency has not significantly changed for passenger vehicles across the past 30 years, some companies are questioning if electric and hybrid technology would make more impact when applied to inefficient commercial vehicles.  Such updates for fleets are a ways off; yet the possibilities for improved sustainability are promising.

Major e-retailer Amazon fell under fire this month, as former and current employees aired complaints about and allegedly high stress, negative workspace. Despite this, the retailer’s stocks have remained stable, drawing attention to the fact that the company continues meeting, surpassing, and generally defining consumer expectations.

These and other topics will continue shaping our conversations this month, on Twitter and at our upcomingGlobal Supply Chain Excellence Summit. Join the dialogue!

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