Supply Chain Review: December 2015

The year is closing, with much to report in the news of global supply chain.

After months of anticipation and debate, the FED opted to raise interest rates to .25% during their most recent meeting. Citing ongoing economic recovery, the FED also commented that this hike should be viewed as one in an upcoming series of increases. Analysts predict that consumers will not feel the effects immediately; we will be keeping an eye on how the hikes effect the global economy and emerging markets in Hong Kong and China.

Throughout 2015, which could be considered “the year of the merger,” multiple industries’ supply chains were affected by mergers and acquisitions.  Banking may have been on the more straightforward end, asmulti-industry companies such as Dow and DuPont had to deal with questions about defining the future divisions and goals of their companies due to their potential merger.  And in healthcare, the number of mergers this year has prompted increased scrutiny by the FTC, as questions have emerged about how costs rise for consumers as a result.

Technology has also played a major role in recent supply chain news. Not only has demand increased over the holidays for products such as hover boards and Apple watches, but the way consumers are shopping has begun to shift noticeably. Online sales have spiked and lasted longer than in previous years due to extended free shipping. Eretail and omnichannel are here to stay, and supply chains will evolve as a result.

We thank you for joining us here and on Twitter throughout this year — and we look forward to continuing our supply chain and thought leadership dialogue in 2016!

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