Monthly Supply Chain Review: February 2016

Eretail continues to be a driving force this year, changing how stores do business and rapidly revealing which organizations are falling behind. Already this month Kohls, Sears, Macy’s and Walmart have had to confront shrinking sales as consumers turn toward eretailers and stores with strong omnichannel presence.

Drones are also maintaining a presence in supply chain news. This month, focus turns to how drones are shaping real estate markets in terms of scoping properties and providing filming that shapes consumer interest and expectation. We predict that this trend will continue.

Ever ambitious, Amazon is extending its presence as the year continues. In addition to expanding its retail presence, the company now plans to compete directly with Fedex and UPS in fulfillment and global supply chain initiatives. Can the younger business beat out established competitors?

Meanwhile, USPS is facing losses that show no signs of abating. What lessons might the organization take from its more successful competitors, and how will its struggles affect delivery of goods?

Finally, the conflict rages on between Apple and the FBI in the question of accessing data from the iPhone of 2015’s San Bernardino shooter. Tech giants Facebook and Twitter have stepped into the ring to support their sometimes rival/collaborator. The outcome of the conflict will have major implications not only for tech companies like these, but for any organization using similar encrypted devices.


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