Global Supply Chain Review: August


New reports out this month point to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration being keys to success in the rapidly evolving world of global supply chain management. Staying abreast of how our nation and others are handling these needs remains critical as well, given the increasingly global and interconnected nature of economies. In that spirit, we share the industry news that shaped this past month…


U.S: Tech innovator Uber has initiated on-street testing for its fleet of self-driving cars, using Pittsburgh as a real world laboratory.Meanwhile, brick and mortar giant Walmart has made its next big move in reshaping its identity, purchasing to increase its omni channel presence and give Amazon a run for its money. It’s yet to be seen how either experiment will fare, and what the costs and benefits will be in the long run.


U.K.: Industry specialists continue to debate and plan for the long term impacts of the Brexit vote. How adaptable is the current infrastructure and relationships that made up the EU economy, and how will it shift as we move toward next year?


European Union: Almost 2/3 through 2016, and the EU has had a tumultuous year. Brexit, an influx of refugees, and threats from ISIS have been only a few of this year’s hurdles. Yet the EU’s airports are reporting their first serious growth, and this is a good sign for possible increased stability.


Japan: Gaming innovator Nintendo has taken new steps toward strengthening and increasing efficiency for its supply chain, purchasing a 70% stake in distributor Jesnet. The relationship anticipates the upcoming release of Nintendo’s newest console, positioning the company for improved production and delivery.


China: Expansion of green, renewable energy is the news here, and it is largely driven by Apple’s commitment to sustainability in iPhone production. As Apple moves toward its 2018 goal of 100% renewable energy, how will China and other industries benefit? 


India: How might standardization of medical data change India’s medical infrastructure, and what other nations might learn to improve their own patient care?Collaborative efforts between India and Japan seek to answer this.


Mexico: BMW builds from-scratch North American supply base at its new location. With plans to begin production in 2019, the plant may set new industry standards for efficiency.


Brazil: In the wake of Zika virus, the Rio Olympics, and ongoing political and economic instability, Brazil has declared an increased commitment to expanding renewable energy by harnessing solar power.


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