Apple Encryption and Privacy in Supply Chain

The issue of privacy and security has long been a topic of debate, particularly as new and disruptive technologies have begun shaping our daily lives and business practices. The status of privacy—as a right or as a privilege—is particularly critical in the supply chain domain, where improving speed to market and drive efficiencies requires sharing personal and commercial data across private and public sectors. The conflict between Apple and the FBI makes this debate concrete and has major implications for supply chain futures.


As Apple and the FBI debate encryption as it pertains to accessing the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, the question writ large is “Who is watching and how much should we care?” A balance must be in place that allows supply chain to continue gaining data and increasing its speed as well as allowing the government to rapidly and efficiently work with companies to ensure safety and national security. Ultimately, it is in the interest of corporate groups and government agencies to develop procedures for securing the data that allows both to function effectively.