Innovative research program with the USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management will provide supply chain leaders with clear guidance on which emerging tools can bridge the gaps between traditional and digital supply chain processes at a fundamental level

Austin, TX ‒ February 22, 2017 – TAKE Supply Chain (TSC), a division of TAKE Solutions Ltd., today announced that it has formally launched the TAKE Digital Supply Chain Initiative in partnership with Nick Vyas, Executive Director and Professor of Clinical Data Science and Operations, USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management. This joint research project aims to evaluate the impact of key emerging technologies identified by Gartner at its 2016 Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix.

Through this initiative graduate students at the USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management will apply Six Sigma practices and techniques to determine if and how transformative new technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Predictive Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Supplier Networks, and Conversation Based User Interfaces can be effectively applied to remove data silos across supply chain organizations.

“In today’s world, supply chains typically rely on multiple technology systems to manage their procurement processes, warehouses, logistics, and enterprise resource planning processes in addition to the manual, or paper-based, business processes. These are typically spread across multiple functional and geographic silos. Despite attempts at system convergence, these silos still do not share information well, and that continues to challenge supply chain performance and efficiency,” explained Steve Rice, director, product group at TAKE Supply Chain. “However, at TSC we believe that these information silos can be removed via the Digital Supply Chain initiative to provide full data transparency and real-time accessibility across entire operations, thus improving agility and cost effectiveness of entire supply chains as market economics change.”

Throughout the duration of the project, USC students will evaluate whether or not these emerging technologies are potentially transformative and how they can drive improved collaboration and decision making across supply chain environments. At the conclusion of this project, TAKE will introduce a new Digital Supply Chain Roadmap that aligns with the USC team’s findings. The company will then commit a set of global resources to the development of globally relevant solutions that will deliver increased accuracy, visibility and responsiveness across its customers supply chains.

“For 20 years, TAKE has been on the cutting-edge of supply chain innovation and we have a clear understanding of the challenges facing global supply chains today. We are excited to partner with the USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management to prove the viability of emerging technologies. We’re confident this project will help us quickly define new solutions to address our customers’ supply chain challenges,” added Brad Huff, executive vice president and general manager, TAKE Supply Chain.

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