Manju Devadas

Manju Devada

Pluto 7


Overall 20+ years experience in Retail and Manufacturing predictive analytic and as an Executive, Technology Leader and Architect I have helped companies with business transformation and revolutionize the way people do business specifically solving Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain problems with AI and ML. Having led over 400+ workshops and customer interactions with executives worldwide the learning plays a huge role in helping Enterprise Innovate in close partnership with Google Cloud. Driving simplicity while managing complexity in improving the human experience working with the supply chain network and home in the context of Retail and Manufacturing is my passion. My business transformation experience comes with the combined knowledge of the application of AI, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Machine Learning for Enterprise and SMB with a Container based Serverless Architecture SaaS products creation gained through strategic partnership with Google combined with the awareness of AWS and Azure.

Pluto7 has been Awarded the 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for Data and Analytics

Over the next 2 years, Supply Chain will get redefined like never before. Industry 4.0 is rampant.