Wayne Jepson


Wayne is a senior operating and management executive with strong P&L management experience and a proven track record of driving market share, revenue and profit growth.

He is strategically focused with exceptional leadership skills. Effective at building high-performance teams and leading change in competitive business environments.

He has more than 25 years’ experience of broad-based background developing and exploiting markets for Blue-chip Corporations both locally and internationally. Additionally he has skills and expertise in people management, regional and national territory development, global and major account development, expanding market share, providing “total quality customer service”, and demonstrating and emphasizing Commercial Awareness as well as new business start-up and development.

He has experience in Lead Logistics Provision (LLP), Lead Logistics Management (LLM), Supply Chain Management, and Integrated Logistics including Raw Material Inventory Deployment, Inbound Transportation, and Customer Order Processing, Packaging / Material handling, Finished Goods Inventory Deployment, Outbound Transportation and all product lines of Transportation Management Services. Experience in Six Sigma / LEAN Methodologies.

Wayne used to oversee Traffic Tech’s Global division, in the USA, and brings with him a wealth of international supply chain experience having lived and worked in Southern Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia and USA, Canada and Mexico. His experience covers all areas of the supply chain and various transportation components that service it.