Global Supply Chain Review: May 2016

Welcome to our newly redesigned monthly review. In order to keep an eye on developments across the international supply chain, we will be reporting on key supply chain news from countries around the world.

This month includes elections, Olympic games, disease control and technology:

US: The US deficit shrank in March, and experts are exploring this “mysterious” turn of events. What is the root cause?

UK: As the UK debates Brexit and nears a decision, questions arise about whether a departure would equate to political and economic isolationism.

China: Despite current slow downs and instability, China’s economy is on track to overtake the U.S. as well as competiting emerging markets within the next decade:

Japan: The recent Kumamoto earthquake has drawn attention to unexpected weaknesses in infrastructure. Will this lead to change for the future?

India: Experts declare that India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but it falls behind in innovation. Here are five reasons why.

Indonesia: For further evidence of the increasingly global nature of the economy, look to Indonesia and its decreasing commodity prices.

Philippines: Election results are coming in, and while they provide minor distraction from the nation’s banking scandal, they may not bode well for its ability to maintain peacable international relationships.

Singapore: How international supply chain wins when Singapore and Australia collaborate.

Argentina: How floods are shaping soybean crop predictions. Will the farmers see a rally?

Brazil: In the wake of impeachment proceedings, Brazil is forced to confront inevitable effects to the upcoming Olympic games.

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